Jul 9, 2024

BLOSSOMS Flowers Are Forever

BLOSSOMS Flowers Are Forever
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These 3 paintings of flower blossoms hope to help with the positive effects on your happiness and well-being. Flowers are known to have amazing health benefits.

There are also countless ways that flowers enrich our lives and touch our hearts.

Flowers have the power of cheering you up when feeling down. They also have many other properties, such as helping you get a proper night of sleep, boosting your creativity, increasing your productivity, making your tolerance to pain higher, boosting your health, and even improving your attention span.

Isn’t it incredible to see how flower buds emerge from their woody stems at phenomenal speed to their beautiful glory?

In romance, flowers send a message of love to represent how a guy “thinks of you” all the time towards a girl.

Flowers bloom to attract insects, which help to carry pollen from one flower to another. Many insects are stunning in appearance with vibrant colours.

However, some insects evolved to completely camouflage with leafy or woody backgrounds. Can you find some insects in these paintings which are well blended into their background?

These Giant Leaf Insects Will Sway Your Heart | Deep Look

Natures best Camouflages

Artist rendering by,

William Lau

Aries Property and HealthCare Group

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