Jul 9, 2024


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In these 2 paintings, I wish to portray the vibrant colours and the flashy energy of the Spring Festival, which is also known as the Lunar New Year. Look carefully! Can you see the Chinese Lion heads performing traditional dances?

Lunar New Year is on the 1st to 15th day of the first lunar month of Chinese calendar, which correlates to end of January to the beginning of February of the Western calendar. It marks the Earth coming back to life and the starting of the growing cycle.

In mainland China, this is the most important holiday and cultural celebration, with millions of people travelling to their rural hometowns to join their families in this auspicious occasion, with reunion dinner, firework displays, lion and dragon dance parades.

Hidden in these paintings are Chinese face-changing masks. Bian Lian (simplified Chinese: 变脸; traditional Chinese: 變臉', literally ‘Face-Changing) is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan opera in Southern China. Performers wear brightly coloured costumes and move to quick, dramatic music.

It is astounding to watch the opera artists change from one face to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of a hand.

Please watch these video clips on Face Changing Masks:

Magicians Ep 7: America’s Got Talent - Best Mask Changer

Face Changing (Bian Lian) Magic Performance at Sydney CNY 2017

Sichuan Face Change (Slow Motion)

Artist rendering by,

William Lau

Aries Property and HealthCare Group

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